Clash of Clans War – Polar Cheese VS greek saplia

​Hallo. I am the great cheese from the next universe, and you, my lucky person, are the recipitant of the cosmic history, as told by ME.

Yea I wish. Instead, were going to look at my clan’s, Polar Cheese’s, last war! Now I know you are incredibly hyped to read all about this, but on this blogging platform, it’s write filler sentences, or write famous poetry. And I don’t feel like being a poet today.

In case you didn’t know, I got a new phone, and I put my mini account from my computer on it. GrilledCheese!!

I did this because my computer is dead and it might cost more to fix than to get a new one. Anyways.
I had both accounts in war so I had 4 attacks. 

First up, on DumCheese, I attacked #4 with GoWiPe and three starred.

Next, I attacked 10 on Grilled but was only able to get two stars 😥
Luckily I have loads of other people willing to clean-up my mess. The war was really close for a while. For every three star we got, they were able to match it. But then.. O no…. Here comes…. THE MIND GAME!!

To scare our opponents, four of us attacked at the same time and we all three starred, taking the score from 13 to 25. 

They attacked some more and got to 21, but Tiny Toby (our 6) went after 3 and got a two star on it, which was awesome! Great job Toby!!

Best Attack: Tiny Toby (6) against 3 [55% Two Star]

Worst Attack: McTc (5) against 7 [45% One Star]

Closest Attack: awesomalex20 (1) against 1 [91% One Star]

Final Score, 27-21 we win!!

Welp there’s the end of this post! Make sure to like and follow and crap… Have a nice day!!
BTW send me some ideas 😀

Please 😀

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