Pokémon Go and Staying Safe!!

​Hello there, i’m Riley and you’re a human. Or are you? (⊙_⊙)

Anyways i’m here today to give you a guideline to know when and when not to “Go” outta the house.

Haha get it yknow because its Pokémon GO.


But anyways i’ve been playing a lot of this game lately. And well, if it’s available in your country and you have an internet connection, you’ve probably heard about it too. 

For those of you who don’t know, Pokémon Go is a new mobile game made by Niantic featuring all your favorite Pokémon from ye olden days. Only now they are all over your world :O :O

Your goal? Conquer the gyms, gather items, and most importantly, enslave small creatures and force them to fight eachother in controlled battles!!

But yea, the thing about this game is that to capture your animals, you actually have to leave the house and walk around your city or town. Now this may not seem safe, so its reccomended that if you’re a parent to stay with your kids while they are exploring the world around them.

Another worry is how hot it is in some parts of the world. But remember Riley’s rule of temprature.

Over 85, play the Hive (MC server)

Yea so.

Watch out.

The heat..

Its coming for you!!

And don’t forget the possibility of walking into a busy road while being caught up in the game! Always be safe my cheeses!!!!

If you are interested in knowing, I am a Level 6 trainer, and so far on my Pokémon journey have caught 43. I have walked a total of 6.85 miles in the last 5 days while playing this game, and my best Pokémon is my Pidgeotto who has CP 178, HP 42.

If ya liked the post then tell me so in the comments!! If you didn’t do the same thing only suggest something else to write about!

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