Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E2: Spidahs!!

​Hey there fellow human beings, today we’ll be doing our second episode of Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena.


Let it begin.
I’m up against a tiny spider and a giant spider!

I activate Stealth, giving me another turn, then I Stab the giant spider twice! Giant spider then summoned another Tiny Spider, they then continued to deal 50 damage to me ;-;. I stab the giant spider three times, and he dodges the third hit. They deal 70 damage to me putting me at 20 health :OOO I stab the giant spider 3 more times, killing him! The tiny spiders deal 15 to me leaving me at 5 health :OOOOO, I then stab them twice eliminating them.

I get a spider fang sword WOOT 😀 I equip it and head into our next battle!

I’m up against, two fruit bats! O no..

I then realize I forgot to heal in between battles..

I activate Stealth, then drink both potions! They slap at me dealing nine damage apiece! I stab the first one thrice, killing him! The second one slap me again. Heh. In the next turn I murrrrrder them both with stab!!

Well that’s the episode.. Have a nice day

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