Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E1: Start Game

I downloaded a new game which specifically is a JRPG, or a Japanese Role Playing Game. I had a lot of trouble finding one in the app store but then I stumbled across this. Basically it’s like Dungeons and Dragons, but it’s an arena based game, so it’s no exploring, but fighting through levels. I played a bit of it but I thought it would be better if I started a new account for the series. New account name? That’s easy, it’s (your thinking I’m going to say Dum Cheese) BANANA MAN!

Dum Cheese arch rival. So yea. First up? Deciding all these specifics.. Such confusing..

My starting stats. I am a Elf Rouge Weaponsmith with a high Agility and Wisdom. Confuzzled.
I start out in the dungeon versus a DUN DUN DUN Toxic Puddle!

I stab, he poisons, I stab, he poisons, I stab, he summons another Toxic Puddle, I cast Stealth, which gives me another move and increases my critical chance. I stab. He dies. I stab his brethren, he poisons me. O No only 10 health left 😱. I stab. He dies.

I find some crafting material and level up giving me more health!

Not very interesting combat lol. So since there is like 36 fights you have to go through in the first arena most of the grinding and crap will be without posting, and I’ll just post the cool ones or when I get new crap. BUTT. One more fight for today’s episode.

A Toxic Sludge Appears!

I use stealth, giving me another turn and then I stab him with that turn! He poisons me, dealing 7 damage then summons a Toxic Puddle. I stab him again, killing him with 28 damage dealt! For my second turn I stab the puddle, which brings it down to 6 health! He uses Toxic Goo and deals 2 damage #TooGoodForYou. I stab him and end his miserable existence!

I find some more crafting Carl along with some gold and two healing potions.

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