It’s That Time of Year Again! 

It’s our blogs third anniversary! I’m a bit late cause I didn’t receive the notification until a bit ago. For the occasion I made a blog party speed draw. I’m thinking about drawing all the most active bloggers next time? Well leave a comment if you want me to do that, it sounds incredibly hard. I honestly can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I sat down and created this thing. It’s evolved so much and so have I, I literally went from Indoor Minecraft Nerd, to occasional Outside Clash of Clans and Social Nerd! I don’t really play Minecraft anymore, probably cause my computer is broke.

There’s the video, it would mean a lot to me if you looked at it cause I spent like 30 minutes making it, which is a long time for me because time goes by incredibly slow when I’m around.

In case anyone is wondering, in the video are my comic book creations from second grade. Left To Right (At End): Banana Man, Dum Cheese, War Potato, The Peanut Brothers.

So yea, thanks for sticking around and making me feel better on bad days. Thanks for following and giving feedback. Thanks for all that 😘

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