We Came Back From Our Trip, On Our Favori– NO SHUT UP

So I’m back in Oak Ridge listening to music on a comfy chair in the living room. There is a storm outside, this is good, because I love storms that happen in the day. Unfortunately this is making the wifi a tad slow but I still have enough bars to talk to you right now. 

So we got there at about 8:30 and baby Myra was there! She is 7 months old and my second cousin and she is the cutest baby to ever live! Here is a picture of her listening to a lullaby on some-

(Storm turns supermassive, fully grown trees start bending in the yard, our power goes out, our wifi goes out)

I’m here to continue this post that I started yesterday because I didn’t get to, well because the power decided it wasn’t going to be my friend. Anyways, here is a picture of baby Myra holding someone’s cellphone listening to a lullaby.

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