Watch This Now :P

You need to watch this, it’s not just about video games it’s about how humans can discriminate against people that are different from them. If you like what the video is about, then I encourage you to share it as well.

86 thoughts on “Watch This Now :P

      1. So far, There was once a dragon who lived in the Magical land of Brolandia, where everyone hated Lachlan and there was a young cheese named Antonio who was being drawn on a river.

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      1. Lol. Between so many videos and websites about these topics you find my blog where you come to relax tbh


  1. “Where everyone hated Lachlan”

    Please, despite Pewdiepie having more subs than Lachlan by a longshot, I’d say Pewds gets more hate in general, than Lachlan. Also by a longshot.


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