Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival E5: Nether Fortress

Hi there I’m Riley, or am I? 😯 😜

Anyways, today on the realm, or more accurately yesterday, (this is a scheduled post) I went into the nether with chichaboo34, and we literally explored the nether for hours looking for a nether fortress. Here’s a handy tip for not getting lost. 

Minecraft Tip #1: When trying not to get lost in the nether, bring a couple stacks of cobble to lay as breadcrumbs. You can just follow them back lickity split!

Here’s our bridge:

Yea so we did that twice, because we ran outta blocks the first time. I died once, she died twice. I was able to save my stuff, she was the first time, but the second time her phone messed up and she walked right into lava. So we went back to the over world, got tons more cobble, new armor and swords and picks. We went back. After LITERALLY two or three hours of searching, we found one. So we were like woot woot we did it yes woo HOO yea were the best wooooooooooooooooooooo.

Then we go inside. And let me tell you it was the most dissapointing nether fortress of all time. There was ONE chest in it. Averagely they have 6.

 Second of all, we were in peaceful, so the blaze spawner didn’t work. So now we have to stay there until Ben can get on and change it to easy so we can keel dem blazes so we can get dem potion brewing stands.

At least they had netherwart.

But yea, thanks for reading, if you actually ended up reading until the end of this post then comment #Cheese. Cause why not?



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