We’re Going On a Trip, In our Favori– NO SHUT UP!!

Yea I’m going on a road trip from my visit to oak ridge that lasts two weeks. We’re going to Buford to see some family. Remember last time we went to Georgia there was the video game music thing? I’ll try to find the link to that post.

(Spends 20 minutes trying to find the post)






Ok I’ve accepted I might not have made a post or maybe I didn’t actually post it and I thought I did or maybe I didnt have enough wifi to do it. Anyways I while back, like a year ago I went to Atlanta, Georgia to see a concert called Vide Games Live! Basically they played tons of video game music and they made it really cool for the audience.

But I’m going back to Georgia this time, to Buford, and I’m hoping we can avoid the horrendous traffic that comes with passing through a 100-mile radius of Atlanta. Otherwise we’ll be moving like a couple feet every two minutes.


But yea, stay tuned, cause later today I have a post about Pizza and a Rock :O :O :O

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