Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival E4: A New World

So yea you read the title I hope I guess, I assume but anyways I got sick of the old world and my second cousin Ben started a realms server for the family and some friends so that’s what I’ll be posting in instead. For a while I couldn’t decide whether or not I should switch worlds but eventually I said, “hey I play more on the realm so I should post about the realm instead. ”

So yea, instead of all the starter stuff we’ve been doing before, I already played a bit on the server . (Ah who am I kidding I played a ton on the realm)

But anyways me, Ben, and chichaboo34, who is a friend of bens daughter, who is my age, who likes the same music as me coincidentally, all helped build this town, Lyris. Lyris is a name I took from the book Brave Story, which is a Japanese fantasy book written by Miyuki Miyabe.

Anyways on with the post. First up lets show you Lyris.

The town at day. (In between the two houses is chochaboo34s underground house[ and bens house is up on the mountain]

My house. Comment if you get the reference 😛

My basement, with auto smelter and redstone lights.

The view out of my basement/harbor thingy.

Didn’t know you could dye water, but you can 😀 

The town hall I built. By the way we are a fishing town lol


My tiny mayors office.

A good view of Lyris at night.

Well yea that’s the post for today. Sorry if you didn’t like that I changed worlds, but it doesn’t matter anyways sooo.




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