Freeform Posting

Freeform posting is a thing I just invented. Basically you talk about whatever you feel like in no particular structure. You write and write and write and write until you can’t write anymore. Then  you see what you wrote, and make posts on your different topics. This way I can give you lots of interesting content.

Here is an example.

This morning I woke up, and my phone was dead and not on my charger. I do this everyday. I watch a show on the phone, and I watch it until I fall asleep. But when I wake up, my phone where I left it, but now it is dead. So I had to put it on the charging dock, and I couldn’t play Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, or any other games while it charged. So that was my morning ruined. Plus I fell asleep with my nice khaki pants on (I have a condition called Sisyphean Thutmose Unilateral  Pants In the bed Denuclearize, more commonly known as STUPID) and was worried that a) my parents would be mad that I wore them to sleep and b) my STUPID condition was fatal. So I put on Pajamas and went downstairs to make toast. I drew a Mickey head on it and opened my computer.


The Story The Post Ends Up Being About


I was eating toast for breakfast this morning, and I decided to draw a mickey mouse head in honey on the toast. I always think it tastes better when I draw a mickey on it. It is kind of like cutting a sandwich into triangles. It just tastes better.


Tell me which story was better, and if you like your sandwiches in triangles.

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