The Land Up Over

Recently I went to Maine, the state with the 3rd highest income tax in the country. But the upside of that is they have some of the best public schools (and field trips) in the country. I went for the weekend to visit my friend Henry who moved there a few years ago. See some posts from spring of 2014. It was a blast, but we were sad that Riley couldn’t come. But keep your fingers crossed for next year (I know I will). Tell me in the comments what summer stuff you have done or will do.

In other news, I have a week and a half that I’m not doing anything. So that means more posts and creative projects (such as YouTube series with Riley and Maz *hint, hint*). I want to know what you, the followers, what to see me post/do. So I created a survey (Ignore the first Other answer, it doesn’t allow you to write your idea).


So that’s it for the post!



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