Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival E3: Don’t Starve! 

If anyone here gets the reference to a different game in the title, be sure to comment lol. Again when I logged on I had a lot of trouble playing the world, because it continued to crash over and over again for no apparent reason, all I was doing was walking. I turned my iPad off (actually off not just sleep) and turned it back on and the world worked fine! But anyways, here’s the episode!

Hey it’s me of course who else would it be its on my blog ANYWAYS, today on my Minecraft world I decided I didn’t want to go hungry, so I sauntered into the forest, and after a brief encounter with a sheep, I decided to turn monsters back on. I was in there to mine grass to get seeds, but I forgot how and got a hoe and started cultivating the ground, because that’s how you used to do it before the potions update. I looked it up on google, found out I just had to mine the grass, and was on my way! Of course I only managed to find 9 seeds in an entire forest cleared of grass, but whatever it’s cool.

I build the farm by my first house for convenience’s sake. If I get hungry during the night I won’t have to travel miles out alone with a bunch of mobs following me.

I got back into the house but it was raining outside so an Enderman came in with me. I tolerated him for a while, looking at the floorboards, but eventually I decided to kill him. Sadly, I didn’t get an ender pearl.

Sorry there are no pictures this time, my Minecraft is being funny and giving me sideways and upside down pictures. So yea, if anyone knows how to fix that, tell me below ;D

Cya all next post.

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