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Fear is a Strange Thing

Last night, a massive thunder storm was sweeping through our area, and I was struck awake by a lightning bolt zigging past my window to strike the ground beside our house. I tried to get back to sleep for a while, but after a couple minutes, I realized it was futile to try and get back to sleep with the raging storm outside. So I put on some clothes, got out of bed and checked my iPad to see what time it was. 12:55AM, I silently cursed because I was hoping it was about 6 in the morning so I could just stay awake the entire night. I went to the kitchen, got a few glasses of water, and went back to bed to gaze at the storm through my window. After a few minutes of that, I heard a scratching and moving noise on my carpet behind my bed. (If you are confused, I sleep in a bunkbed and my pillow is close to the door so I am facing the wall and window)

But I was too scared to turn around because of the huge thundering noises rocking the earth. So I didn’t look to my dog for reassurance, or maybe I would’ve had to help him feel safe from the storm. But I didn’t, so by the time I was ready to turn around, he was gone, probably walked downstairs to go back to bed. After about 20 minutes, the biggest surge so far hit the wood in front of the house and the thunder immediatly followed in its path. This made me even scareder, and for some reason I wished I could hold someone’s hand. I’m not usually scared of thunderstorms, so I’m wondering what happened last night, and why I wanted company. But eventually, the storm passed our house and I was able to get to sleep, bringing you this post now.

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