Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m 13 years old everyone 😀 and our blogs anniversary is also coming up soon. I don’t normall-

Reblog reblog reblog if you want to live, it’s me, Reilly! I demand 10 likes from you imbeciles or you shall feel my wrath!

That was strange, it was almost as if someone told ok over my body.. Anyways, I don’t normally ask for reblogs or stuff like that, but it’s my birthday 😀 Now time for the birthday interview.

Riley, what’s it like being a teenager?

Ah well I kinda feel the same way I felt yesterday.

Are you looking forward to anything about being a teenager, like maybe the pouting or rapid mood swings?


Well I guess that’s the end of the post, the kid mentioned something about liking and reblogging? 

Now I have a question for the audience!

What was the first post you remember reading on WordPress?

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Hey, Riley, I am just a little younger than you, and I started my blog, twelveyearoldauthor.wordpress.com yesterday. Hope you’ll take a look at it. By the way, LOL on the rapid mood swings gag. oh, daddy, I miss you. I AM NOT A SISSY! *runs out of the room crying*

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