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Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival E2: A House!

Although it’s not a lava house, I got a house. So last episode at the end I left a preview that I would build my house on top of a pool of lava. I immediately ran into a few problems while trying to do that. I’ll give you a list at the end, but for now, here is the episode of writing.

After discarding the idea of a lava house, I decided I would build a water house instead! I run up to the surface and mine about 2 stacks of logs, which I then convert into a mixture of wooden planks, stairs, and slabs. I start to build the house. First I start with the foundation of it, then add the walls, then I went and gathered some sand from the nearby beach and waited 10 minutes to get all my windows. So I grab them, punch out the pieces of wood I don’t need, and add the windows. Now comes the hard part, the roof.

So I spend about 20 minutes up on the roof, frantically messing about with the pocket edition controls, falls off every thirty seconds. I run into the small problem of my roofs shingles covering the top half of my windows. I go into my house mine the windows, redo them, go back up, continue to make the roof. When I finish this is the final result of the house! 

(Alone with this extra sign that tells you where the house is)

But literally, right after taking the picture, a creeper emerges from under the house and blows up the majority of the steps and some of the foundation.

 (5 minutes of work, gone)

I leave to go chop some more wood, I turn it into assorted wood products, and then I use the wood products to redo the stairs and foundation. Here’s the inside of the house. 

I was able to move my pile of resources (chest, two furnaces, crafting table, bed) into the house so that they are all safe now. 

PS I hatched the eggs, got nothing 😦

NEXT TIME ON Rileys Backpack MCPE Survival:

Farm time 😀

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