Orlando Shootings

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Narcissism and Innuendos


Hola Leones y bienvenidos a mi post (sorry I don’t know much Spanish after that). This is a post that I didn’t want to make initially because I don’t want to give attention to negativity but I’m gonna give a message today that’s been burning inside for the past few days. I would’ve done a recording but I struggle to fit it on my phone as there’s no space left but I hope writing gets my point across just fine.

As you guys are aware there have been shootings in Orlando recently, not only the gay bar but also with Christina Grimmie as well. I’d first like to begin with an R.I.P to Christine and each and every one of the victims and my heart literally goes out to all the victims friends and families. This has obviously been all over the news recently and rightly so but there’s a…

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