Greek Food and a Haircut

Yesterday I had fun! And the great thing is, I didn’t even know we were going out until we left.

So the first thing we did after we left our house was argue for 15 minutes trying to decide what to eat xD

After eventually deciding on Greek, we went to my mom’s favorite place, which she hadn’t been to in over a year. But she used to go there almost everyday years ago. The owner recognized her and said a bunch of funny stuff, even funnier than the stuff I say..

I got Gyros and it was delicious :D. Sadly I forgot to take a picture soooo yea imagine the savory, delicious, tempting, enchanting smells going up into your nose RIGHT NOW, making you want to go and eat Greek Food. The roasted smell of the meat, the timid yet refreshing allure of sour cream. (By now I’m getting hungry writing about it xD)

Afterwards I got a haircut at GreatClips, which looks like this:

Also, I won the Ugliest Blogger Award!!

Me and BadAtGaming are rescheduling the WordPress War, hopefully it works this time. For updates on that, just read these comments.

Make sure to like if you like posts that aren’t just about a new record of likes and archer queens. Also comment and help me convince myself that I am the ugliest blogger! Well that’s all for right now.


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