Quest for Masters League!

So yea it’s me again. I mean who else would be here. Maybe Maz or James. But yea it’s me.


Couple days ago I decided to push for masters league, and let me tell you, Crystal 1 is agonizing. I’ve been in 2500-2580 for the last 2 days trying to push myself out of this league of farming TH 9s and 10s. There are barely any TH 8s up here, but every once and a while I find one and destroy it utterly. Oh, in my base news, I’m pretty much maxed TH 8 and I’m upgrading to TH 9. But I boosted my barracks while writing this post and so everyone couple minutes I’ll get interrupted by, Your Troops Are Ready For Battle!!

So, I’m using GoWiPe, and I’m wondering if anyone knows a better attack to boost me past max TH 9s. So yea, I’ll leave this post at that.

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