Why Do People Rush?

Some thoughts for you

Camster Origami

I might not be talking to you today had it not been for the reflexes of my Mom and Dad.

Sorry if that sounds dramatic, but this shook me. What is “this”? Let me explain…

We were on the highway. Dad was driving, Mom was next to him, and I sat behind with my siblings.

An entrance to the highway came by on the right. I had been looking at the clouds in wonder at this one huge cloud up in the sky.

Suddenly, my Mom warned my Dad by calling his name twice quickly.

Reactivly, I turned to see a red car coming off the exit at high speed, cutting- not even in front of us- right into us like a madman.

Dad swerved to the left lane. We were extremely lucky there was not a car next to us on the left.

As Dad honked the horn at…

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