Fasting and Trivial Pursuit

Today I decided to fast (not eat). And ya wanna know why? No reason, I just wanna see what it’s like without food for a day. But I woke up this morning and my brother and sister were eating cocoa rice stuff, and they were like, 

Ahhhhh this is sooooooo good! 

So everyone is against me. 

In other news, yesterday my neighbor Katie came over and me and her and Brendan and Saoirse played trivial pursuit on the Xbox. Guess who won 2/3 rounds? That’s right, RILEY 😀

I got lucky on a question where you had to select all the members of the Justice League,so that gave me an extra couple thousand.

If you dont like theses quick posts that I write about MYYYY life, you can always check out my longer ones where I write about other things. Like my Star Wars Parody. Or if ya like books I redirect you to my Review of The War That Saved My Life.

But yea, just in case you don’t like short posts, your happy now. 


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