So yesterday we had Battle of the Books. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a bunch of kids from each school reading 20 books, getting in school teams, and facing other school teams by answering questions about the books. So my team was me, Maz, Jaya, and Melody. The main prize is getting a limo ride to Ben and Jerrys, getting tons of ice cream, then back in the limo to your school.

Since we had so many people try out, we had two Litton teams, Jamie, Mitchell, Ella and Maddie were on 1, my team was on 2.

The competition takes place at the main public library. And they payed for breakfast! It was biscuits with ham, chicken, or eggs in em. The first rounds were Round Robin matches, which means it’s just to see who gets the most points, and we did great in them. Here’s a score counter according to my memory.

Match 1: 4-5 (Loss)

Match 2: 8-4

Match 3: 8-4

Match 4: 6-5

Match 5: 8-4

Match 6: 9-3

Match 7: 8-4

Match 8: 8-4

Match 9: 7-5

Our final score was 66, which was higher than John Early (who has won three years in a row now). We had the highest in our bracket, so we got to move on to the Elite Eight. Buuuuutt we lost in the first round of the championship  and so did Litton team 1 and its single elimination. We got beat by McMurray, who I immediately wanted to lose for the rest of the time. Their next match was against Meigs 2 ( the team we beat 6-5) And they beat the little kids on Meigs 2 ( they were all 5th graders). Then I didn’t like them even more, cause if we didn’t win I wanted Meigs 2 to win.

So it goes on to the final match John Early Vs. McMurray, and I was proud that the school I’m going to next year (John Early) beat the people who beat us.

And that would be the post.

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