Inactivity and Recent Polls

First off, I want to apologize to captain_origami. I did not mean to be mean or publicly shame you. So yeah. Sorry,

Secondly, I am sorry I have been so inactive. I have had a lot of school work, saxophone lessons, and baseball games and I haven’t been able to post. Also, to address DumCheese, I am not leaving this blog (I plan to be here forever) and my other blog that I may start would be a side project.

On to the polls. I actually voted that I was not good xD. And one person thought I was ok, so that’s awesome!

I’ll try to be active, funny, and nice. And lastly, my plan for the Cheese Merch is delayed for a while. We won’t be doing it until anyone says they want to buy it :(.

And we are still looking for questions for me and Riley. For a very special surprise, go down to the comments, write your name (screen name is fine) email that you check, and a question for me and Riley. If you get these questions answered, you will get a real good prize.

So yeah!



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