Approval Ratings

There has been lots of stuff going on in the last week, including history of friendships, cheese merchandise (that I never approved of BTW), and the declaration of James Blonde that the blog was too inactive and that he was going to start his own blog. So.. here’s where I come in.

The reason I (apparently) don’t post enough is because I don’t have WiFi (as he said). But when I do post, a couple times a week, you’ll be sure its jam-packed full of corny jokes, polls that mean nothing, and lots of procrastinating. But eh, anyways, since Jamie has been taking a strange approach to supporting people who follow us (Publically shaming Captain-origami, xD) I have decided to put out a poll (not meaningless) on whether or not James Blonde shall be banished from the realm for acts of treason!! No, just kidding, I would just like to see his approval ratings so far.

So here is a poll. If you can’t access it for some reason just comment anonymously by signing out and typing at the bottom. Or Comment unanonymously if ya want.. Just tell me whether or not you like James Blonde.

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