Guys, seriously? I am taking 3 minutes (yes I’m timing) to write this post. It is longer than what you need to do in the comments. Go down there, give your name (screen name is okay), an email address that you check, and a question about almost anything for me and Riley. It is for our subscriber special and you will get something very awesome if you do it! So do that. Right now. Seriously. Ok, you done? Good.

Next. Merch.

We are taking your suggestions! This means that IF YOU SUGGEST SOMETHING, it might be in  our shop. Plus we need to know if we have people who want to buy merch so we can have merch. Write your suggestions about merch along with whether you would buy Merch in the comments. Done with that? Ok, thank you.

That’s it, sorry I may seem mad. I just really want to have some Cheesy Merch and some questions for our subscriber special. So thank you for doing that.

Want to be an author for the very blog you are on right now? Then email us at totallyrileysbackpack@gmail.com to tell us why. Thanks for reading Cheeses!

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