A History of Jamie and Riley and Henry

1st Grade

I met Henry on the first day of 1st grade. He was arguing with another kid about how to hold scissors while walking. I became friends with him, and I never mentioned that he was wrong about the scissors thing.

2nd Grade

Nothing much. I became friends with a dude named Caden, a girl named Nora (later kind of my enemy, but that’s another post) and a girl named Emily. We were friends and sat together at lunch and had fun in Ms. V’s second grade class.

On the last day of 2nd grade, Henry walked up to me. “This is Riley,” he said. “He was my friend this year.” I said Hi to Riley, and we were all friends ever since.

3rd Grade

I made friends with Katelyn and Ryan. Ryan is a boy btw. We had fun, and Katelyn made origami for the origami business that Henry and I ran (another story). We brought Riley in later (another other story. Man, I have so many others posts stemming from this post).

4th Grade

In this grade, Henry and I rewrote our origami business contract. We split all of the profits with Riley 25/25/25 with the the remaining 25% going to business funds. We sold at our school and made a lot of money. Remember Ms. V, my second grade teacher? Well she taught 4th grade when I was in 4th, and I was in her class. So were my other 2nd grade friends Caden, Nora, and Emily. Nora and I were constantly engaged in a battle of one-up-manship, Caden and I hung out a lot, and Emily was constantly talking about going to Meigs for Middle School. We were still great friends. Henry, Riley, and I were also awesome friends, and we hung out at school and at each others houses all the time. But there was some sad news. Henry was moving to Maine! We were all so sad, because he lived down the street from me. But we said our goodbyes and still visit to this day. Henry and I talk a lot through FaceTime, and he came down to visit with me and Riley last summer, and he is doing it again this summer. I am also going to Maine with him to see his house for the first time ever! We hope that Riley can make it too, and if not we will constantly update him and sent plenty of pictures via text. But now onto *shudder* middle school.

5th Grade

My 5th grade year started out pretty well. I was in a new school, and Henry was in a faraway land, but things were not so bad. I was in the same homeroom as Riley, and we made lots of new friends. We got to know Jett (boy), Riley F. (girl. I know, the name is confusing.), Sarah (girl), and many others. I also was doing virtual school with Jett, our friend Mattie, and our acquaintance Oliver (see the 300+ posts I will do after this one elaborating on each of these people). I lost touch with Emily, Ryan, and Caden because they went to different schools, but I recently saw Caden again. But all was well with our awesome principle Mr. Bruno. As we headed out the doors of 5th grade on the last day of school, we thought nothing could go wrong. Guess what. STUFF DID GO WRONG!

Find out what in A History of Jamie and Riley and Henry Part Two!

So that’s the post! Sorry for the cliffhanger, I want to extend this one and my fingers are tired from typing this much. There will also be a Kindergarten post to give you guys some background. Be sure to like this if you liked this, and follow this blog for the rest of the story on my school life.

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See ya later, cheesy-neighbor.

Sorry, I had to.


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