Can I out-update the updates that I will now update?

So many updates…

Anyway, several important updates ( the most important ones are coming last, so keeping reading!

Update One

School. I have school. Lots of school. And it takes up a lot of time. So don’t flip out in the comments if I miss a day (I will try not to). So that’s it.

Update Two

Blogging and posts. Riley doesn’t have WiFi still, so I am the only main poster. Spider and mazisabunny are not very active, and may get kicked if they don’t start being active o-o. So yes! We are looking for more authors. You will need to do at least 2 quality posts a week (more are always appreciated). If you are interested, then email us at totallyrileysbackpack@gmail.com to tell us your qualifications. Thanks for that!

Update Three

Our Cheeses are why we are still here. Without you, there would be no Riley’s Backpack. So to thank you for that, we are doing something very special when we get to 200 followers! So here’s what you can do. Go down into the comments for THIS POST ONLY. Write your name (screen name is fine), email address, then write one question for me and Riley’s. It can be about my friendship with Riley, our blog, our lives, or pretty much anything. And stay tuned after that, because there are special give away’s for of the people who ask questions. There is a chance you might win something (hint hint).

Update Four

Merch. You know you want it. We need more suggestions for the merch. So leave in the comments suggestions for the merch, and if you would get some Cheesy stuff. Merch.

Those are my updates. Remember we are still taking suggestions for cheesy merch in the comments. And also comment your questions for me and Riley. If you do this Cheeses, then it will help this blog, and there is something in it for you. So yeah, see ya!


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