Backpack Plans (I gave up on trying to make it rhyme)

After my last post with my big plans, I am trying to live up to it. I decided to lay out some plans for the Backpack. But first, Jamie’s Daily Rant on MNPS!

So if you have less than 3 demerit’s in my school (demerits are notes for your bad behavior) you can go to Lion’s Lounge and relax with your friends and eat popcorn or ice cream. Sounds great, right? WRONG! My anonymous school Isaac Litton Middle makes you wear school I.D’s  at school. If you don’t have yours, then no Lion’s Lounge! So aside from the fact that the I.D’s are stupid (How do they protect us? If we get kidnapped, then the kidnappers know who they grabbed?) the privilege I earned is being taken away for no reason at all.

So that’s today’s rant. Comment if you want more, or if you want to share your thoughts on this rant.

Plans for The Backpack. I am planning some major things for Riley’s Backpack. New art, new stuff, new authors (new name?).

Definitely stay tuned to my Announcement posts on Mondays, and look out for the new Backpack stuff and updates on such.

So that’s the post. Leave a like if you like! And remember, comment on your suggestions for Cheesy Merch. Your suggestions do matter. And if no one wants a shop there will be no shop :(. I will share a featured Cheesy Merch suggestion every post. So share your suggestions!

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