Wow I just tried to type “this game is like agar.io” and ended up with “Sh ‘m,,o”
I’m the best typer in the world!!

Anyways this is a pretty cool game made by the people who brought you Agar.io! Only in this one you are a snake, and you try to get other people to touch your tail and make sure you don’t touch other snakes tails. The more you eat, the longer you grow! I was playing this yesterday, and I got to 7600 just by dodging in front of HUGE snakes. But yea, it’s kind of fun.

On another note, I’m going to TRY to put some writing out soon. Here’s a sneak peek! (BTW these are all wrote by him)

Froglit (girl) Linda (grandma)

     Froglit and Linda loved knitting, and they went to the store to get knitting supplies everyday. But then one day knitting was outlawed. Frog lit went to school at she was harassed called Frog Lip. Then she came home and there was a boy outside her house who asked “Do you wanna play with with me” she said yes and they played then she woke up and realized it was a dream.
Yea. So.

That’s that.

More strange writings from my brothers cuddly toy kingdom coming soon..

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