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Bud Not Buddy Review – Part 1

This is a book set in the Great Depression. It is about a kid named Bud trying to find his father. I’m warning you now, there will be spoilers. Here’s your summary, and because it’s a book full of content, it’s a long summary..

So in the beginning of the book, Bud is in an orphanage, about to be moved to a new foster home. His only possessions are a suitcase full of odd artifacts that his dead mother got emotional over. He gets there and his new “brother” sticks a pencil up his nose and they begin to fight. (Seriously) Unfortunately Bud doesn’t win, as the parents come in, blame him, and send him off to ‘The Shed’, whe-

xD I feel like that One-Minute-Movie guy..

-re he finds a Vampire Bat!! Only it’s not really a Vampire Bat and blah blah blah, long story short he ends up getting stung by a bunch of hornets. He goes inside gets his suitcase of wonders, and takes off, commenting about him being on the lam.

This will be continued in my next part of the Bud Not Buddy review!

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