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Even More On Wednesdays..

So as if Student Council and Encore weren’t enough, since I joined the school track team I have practice after school as well. Track is fun, but it’s kind of discouraging since I’m the slowest on the team, or at least I think I am..

At the start of practice we stretched for like half an hour, then we started the actual running. We did Jet Sprints and lunges down the hallway, but the hardest part was the stair running.

There is a flight of stairs in our school that no one uses because it leads straight into an exit. Its about 12 stairs, not too many. All the way down and all the way back up running fast counted for one lap. He told us to do 25. So that’s 24 x 25, which is pretty much the equivalent of running up and down 600 steps with people rushing you from behind and being too slow in front. Today were doing 50.

Wish me luck,


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