Alas, this is the noise I make when I try to write this post on four different occasions.

So, a lot has happened since I last posted. One of these things is the Valentines Dance last Friday.

Let’s break that down into its fundamental meanings

VALENTINES – Bring a date or your alone forever!

DANCE – You actually have to dance! MWAHAHAHAHA

So I did not bring a date, although I did get a Valentine from one of my friends that is a girl, who gave them to all her close friends. Although I did dance! I did the Bernie Lean, the Whip, the Dab, and the revolutionary new dance, the Riley! Where you flop your arms around awkwardly in front of a bunch of people!

Uh, anyways, Since I am on Student Council, I worked the concession stand for the first 30 minutes of the dance. I think I should sell stuff for a living (Isn’t that what everyone else does?), cause I love the rush of finding what they asked for and barking orders at everyone, BECAUSE IM THE CASHIER MAN, SO I CAN. That rhymed. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.

Also, its been snowing a lot lately, and where we live, it almost never snows! Gotta love yourself some of that Global Warming! We had to go to school on Monday, then came a big snow storm, and we missed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We came back on Friday because the icy roads had cleared out. Just in time for me to get my one Valentine xD 

Clash of Clans wise, some of our TH 8s left the clan, so we’re struggling to find more of them so we can get back to war. 

Minespud wise, I conquered a lotta bases and now I have 3 stacks of diamond blocks!

Annnnd I think that wraps this post up! If your actually still reading at this point, leave a comment so I know who my loyal followers are xD 

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