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Announcements for Student Council AKA Failure

This morning, it was time. I had cheated it long enough. I finally accepted the fact that I would have to do the school announcements for the dance. So me and Jamie (Jamesblonde123), went up to the office with the script that the SC president gave us. We did the pledge of allegiance and the student behavior pledge of boringness, and then we started our advertisement.

Here’s how it went..

Jamie: Hey Riley, guess what?

Riley: What?

Jamie: The Let it Snow dance!

Riley: Oh ya! (muffled laughter echoed around the whole school) It’s February 5th, 4:30 to 6:30.

Riley: (Laughing while Jamie does his line)

Jamie: Awesome! That’s next (giggle) Friday! Don’t forget the admission (laughs out loud) is 2$!

(Mr. Davis <Awesome Vice Principal> laughs because were laughing)

Riley: See you later!

Jamie: Bye!

Now that’s what happened in the morning. And ive been pegged down to do it again right now since its afternoon..

BTW I’m typing this while taking a Social Studies class and talking to OY30. #AmazballsMultitasker


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