XD Spam

This one guy left a spam comment and it looked like he literally copied the spam interface onto my post. Yknow the way all spam is the same but slightly different? This guy couldn’t decide what words to say, so he just pasted all of them!

Heres an excerpt:

[Howdy, Hello, Hi, Yello] there, I am here to [tell, inform, help] you [understand, about] our new [app, game, website].

Heres another one:

I was looking on your [site, post, blog, website] and I couldn’t find the [rss, rssfeed, rss feed]. If you could [provide, give, tell me] where it is, then I would make sure to [snatch, grab, take hold of, steal, subscribe, share] your [website, blog, site].

I laughed so hard because this guy literally filled up 5,000 words space in a comment with a failed attempt at spam, XD


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