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Fallout Shelter – A Video Game Review

Fallout Shelter

Took me long enough to gather the energy to get out of the quick posts and actually write a review. I have been lazy for a while. All though myself I liked my Legendary stories about beating the teacher and raising a grade almost 30 points.

Anyway, were not here to read me talk about old posts, were here to read a review.

I got this game around November I think. That was back when I had, shudder, wifi, so I wasn’t playing it at all pretty much compared to Clash of Clans or talking to my friends. In the start of the game you learn that you are the Overseer of this vault, the goal is to grow it until, well I haven’t gotten that far. You start off with a couple Dwellers (People), and you  can assign them to rooms to produce Water, Food, or Power for the rooms. You have to have a minimum of each resource or else people can die of starvation or dehydration and the rooms stop doing stuff if there’s not enough power.

By the way, once the Nuclear Apocalypse happened, money was abandoned and was replace by Soda Bottle caps..

More Dwellers will come in from the wasteland after time. (Did I mention this is set in the world of Fallout 4?) Its actually quite a big game and if your not careful you could get addicted. Luckily I’m careful. There ends up to be lots of other stuff like these robots that collect stuff for you, and if  you put a male and a female together in the Living Quarters they reproduce and give you another Dweller.

Some Dwellers are special in their skills. You can tell their highest skill by looking at the little bar graph once you click on em. There are rooms you can build once your higher level that can train skills. The skills directly influence how they work in production rooms. Perception helps Water producing rooms, Agility helps food, and Strength helps power.

There are also raiders that can invade your vault and plunder your riches. To stop them from coming you’ll need weapons right? You can get weapons from these little grab bags called Lunchboxes that you can buy or earn. I earn mine. You can also send Dwellers into the Wasteland to gather weapons, clothes, and caps.

You can download this on the App Store and the other stores that I don’t know the name of.

By the way I don’t own this game or the picture, but I do own the review 😀

There’s way to much for me to cover in one post, and you probably didn’t read to all the way down here anyway. If you read all the way to the bottom say so in the comments so I know who my true friends are *stares ominously at you* AHAHAHA Just kidding anyone who leaves a like or comment or goes to the page to view other posts thank you for reading this review!


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