Clash of Clans New Update


Clash of Clans has come up with a new, and plentiful update. The update includes TH Eleven, Raiding Changes, and better shields.

The TH eleven has come out with a new elixir based hero, The Grand Warden. He can be set to ground or fly mode and is mostly a support troop. His special ability makes all the troops around him invincible for a short time.

The new raiding makes it so that getting the Town Hall no longer gives you a star, or the defender a shield. This means NO MORE FREE SHIELDS.

One of the problems for the new update is that the break system sucks. I get on Clash talk to my clanmates for 15 minutes, get off. Watch Netflix for 2 hours, log back on, its telling me that I have played too long and need to take a break. I wait out the break, log back on, 15 minutes later its telling me I need to take another break.

This kinda sucks, Supercell, please fix it.

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