Menorah Madness!!

The day after the last night of Hanukkah, me and my dad went to Menorah Madness in Knoxville, which is basically a big party celebrating all of Hanukkah.

So we got there and my dad set up his music stands and everything on the stage, and we went outside and guess what. They scheduled a helicopter to fly by the festival and drop gelt (chocolate coins) into a big target, and then kids were allowed to run in and grab a ton! They were still dropping it when I ran in, and one hit me on the ear. Luckily the chocolate adrenaline prevented me from being hurt 😀

After that, me and my dad went inside and he got on the stage and started playing his clarinet. All the people were talking and no one was really paying attention even though he is really good with his band, the Tennessee Schmaltz.

They were paying so little attention the announcer called them the Knoxville Schmaltz. 😛

Oh well, at least we got tooooooooooooons of chocolate coins. I mustve gotten a couple dozen.

Anyway, Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee

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