Wednesday News!

Today, my mom turned on the hotspot so that I could do online stuff. Let’s start from the beginning of this wonderful Wednesday!

I go to Student Council. We talk about the indoor yard sale happening at our school, and we design T-Shirts for us!

I mean, how cool is that.

We get T Shirts for Student Council with our names on em!

Can’t get cooler my friends.

Anyway, the Yard Sale was supported by the president and it should happen soon.

On to the next fabulous Wednesday event, Encore, instead of our normal teacher, there was a sub named Mr. Joe. He was reaaaallllllyyyyy good at art so we made Artist Trading Cards, where we tried to replicate the styles of lots of artists. He held a drawing at the end for a little drawing by him.

Here’s how that played out

Teacher: Which number between 1 and 8 do you choose Riley?

Riley: 2? 

Teacher: I’m sorry, you didn’t win the Grand Prize!!!! Who will be our next lucky guessed?

Oh well, not everything can be won. I had a lot of fun making the trading cards. My artist to replicate is a guy named ROA, you might have heard of him, he paints these kind of creepy animal murals, where from one point it looks fine, but you move over and it’s cut in half…

In other news, I’m reading a good book about a guild of thieves called The Dungeoneers.

You should know by now, this is all an illusion created by Hotspot. No wifi today, probably tommorow.

Well, I’ve been getting less and less traffic AND likes so make sure to like and view other posts 


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