Minespud #2 : Defeating My Nemisis!

Today on my minecraft server minespud. I was walking around my faction base when I came across my enemy, the guy from yesterday. We dueled slightly but I won because he was wearing bad armor and was just scouting. None the less, I still won!

After that, he started building something in the wild, and I went to him. This time he was wearing his good armor, and we fought for a couple minutes just hammering on each other with our swords. Eventually I had to leave the fight because my helmet was about to break. 

So let’s look at this, yesterday, he almost killed me, but I got away. Earlier today, I killed him. After that, we stalemated because I left the duel. I’m going to make a scoreboard for this…

Me = 1 1/2

Hunk = 1

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