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School Writing Project – Day In The Life

This project I did a while ago, it’s day in the life of you, only you use a Pen Name. I chose Joey Chives.

Hello, my name is Joey Chives and today I’m going to take you on a tour of my school. Time to trudge through the day…


To start off my day, I walk to school with my friend Jamie. But the day really begins when I get to School. I walk into homeroom and almost immediately it’s time for Lion Time, where we read, do some math, and usually work on a project. After that hour-long class, it’s time for Mr. Keene’s class , R/LA! This is one of my favorite classes of the day because usually we get to read our own books and sometimes write stuff like this. I always learn a lot in this class.


Once I leave that class, we go to lunch, where I eat the poisonous cafeteria food and talk to my friends, Bob Jenkins and Kennedy Ball. Since Lunch is only 20 minutes long, soon I’m already on my way to the next class, Math! At math we immediately put our stuff down and line up for recess, it interrupts math. Usually recess is about 20 minutes long, but it feels like 5 minutes to me. Sometimes I talk to Jamie, sometimes I talk to Bob, and sometimes I go and talk to Loogie. And really, really, really soon its time to go back inside and do Math. Even though it usually goes by fast, I enjoy it because the teacher is really nice. That along with the fact that I’m good at math, makes for a good class.


After that good class, I trudge down to my least favorite class, STEM with Ms. Ritchie. This class used to be a lot better when Ms. Buonviri taught it. With Ms. Ritchie, we walk in, get nothing done, and walk out. I then walk up the stairs to Social Studies class. The teacher, Ms. Collins, is strict but we always get a ton done in this class. This class always stretches out because we are learning History, but it is still pretty interesting.


The announcements come on and everyone goes to their lockers. I grab my backpack and my books that I will need for the homework. Then I walk down to the car-rider lanes and someone picks me up and brings me home. Well, thanks for reading the day in the life of a middleschooler.

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