I just got minecraft mods!


9 thoughts on “I just got minecraft mods!

  1. dude idk if your this dark but im starting this comic book thing and i was wondering i you would be interested in joining cuz u write coomic books? just go to my blog and leave some ideas ill leave some ieas here too


  2. okay so ive got a few heros
    slayer: no not batman. a twenty year old hispanic who all he wanted to do was get threw life. He saw his mom die right in front of his eyes the only person that actully cared about him and he has never met his dad. hes basiclly a guy with lots of weapons (machete katana axe chain axe knives) but his best thing is his fighting style. he has maneged to lean almost everything there is to learn about martail arts from somone.
    blaze: an explorer who was looking for the fire stone ( still working on the name) he finds it but gains specail powers of shooting hot blazing fire out of his hands and uncontollable super speed.
    captain atmosphere: no not superman. An astounot attempting to do a sky dive 50 miles away from earth the suit breaks as he falls into a strange part of the atmoshere and gains poweres of flight and super strength. he discovers more of his powers during the story lines
    i have more just to lazy to type so what do you think? 😀


    1. I like all the ideas but I think Blaze is the character that is most original and has the most potential. Also, nice backstories for each Superhero. I would be interested in creating storylines and possibly a universe in which all our cool Superheroes could exist. One of my favorite ideas for a hero is Sensei, the ninja monk who’s temple was raided and everyone killed. He has slightly above average sight and hearing, and begins his quest to kill his enemies then learns to forgive them. I would love to help you with Blaze, send me an email about what you want him to look like, act like, morals ect.

      Good ideas and I’d love to help you develop them.


      1. SENSI IS A CARHECTER IN MY UNIVERSE!! that can be his back story! except we have to mold him into a villan cuz hes a villan of slayer


  3. ive been thinking of a carhecter that is a detective and like a cow boy at the same time. in the first couple issues it talks about his great great grandfather who was the sherrif of his town. he is partially indian and partially american. in the 4th issue or so he goes to meet up with the indian side of his family but gets lost in the woods. he meets a socerer who seeks good in him and lets him into the infinite cave. so he gets his guns out and makes them nfinite which means he has infinite bullets no reloading. his guns consist of two revolvers a double barrel shot gun and a rifle.he evetully dies fighting. now two centeries later a lon orphan tries to find his past to figure out that he is raplph mcriders great great grandson. he takes on the role of mcrider and becomes a detective. so what do you think?


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