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CoC War: The Cheeses vs cops de vivonne!

So far in this war the other clan has been pretty inactive and we are winning by 15 stars.image3

This is the war map so far, there are a few attacks below this but they arent that important (all lower attacks are mostly three stars.)

Here’s the standings and who’s attacked who this whole time. (Skip past if you wanna see the teams first)

1. jls (Two starred by Amari)

2. jonathan (One starred by me)

3. roi 1er – Clan Leader (Three starred by me)

4. (Arabic Letters – i think) (Three starred by Amari)

5. (Chinese or Japanese Letters) (Not attacked)

6. louis86 (0s tarred by rIDeR 46%)

7.  feu d er (3 starred by jarvis)

8. P K Z (3 starred by rIDeR)

9.  gogo86 (3 starred by jarvis)

10. lleo (3 starred by Vikkstar)

Here are both our teams:





As always wish us luck and if you wish to join the clan just leave a comment of your username and trophy count! Happy Clashing!




3 thoughts on “CoC War: The Cheeses vs cops de vivonne!

  1. I might visit your clan. I am almost maxe out town hall 7, and my trophy record is 1770, although I am in silver one right now to farm. My username is Daniel_H212.


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