I’M COMING BACK! And Random Poems makes its debut! This is a MUST READ!

Camster Origami

Hey guys. I realized something: Over the last month or two, I’ve sorta lost my reputation as a great Star Wars origami folder… so I’m gonna have a lot of STAR WARS origami for you guys. Hope that clears it up that I CAN FOLD SW ORIGAMI LIKE A WIZARD. Or a boss. Use your imagination. XD I don’t usually do this, but action is needed, so REBLOG THIS EVERYWHERE! (I only said that once before. Once! XD)

Wow, I’m inspiring myself to make myself a king-like speech:

I, SFCammy, long-time SF, inventor of poll contests, and convincer of Zod to come back (though it was his decision in the end), also known as Mr. Origami Star Wars, SFCamster, and Cam, proudly proclaims SW origami as a priority… OK, I got carried away there. XD The thing is I’m gonna pick up some more SW origami!

And now, a NEW…

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