Star Wars: The Adventures Of Chaco Kaloon #1

“Hold them off, General Muto!”, Chaco Kaloon, Jedi Master told her Clone General. The droids were closing in fast and the Republic Base was anything but ready. She walked down the corridors as clones rushed passed her to fight the incoming army. Chaco helded up her mini-hologram to contact the Jedi Council. Just as she picked it up, she heard General Muto try to yell for her, but all she heard was “Cha-“.

Chaco Kaloon rushed back towards the entrance where she heard gunfire and the humming noise of the ultimate weapon: the lightsaber. She took out her own lightsaber and jumped into the room, she sliced through a Battle Droid as the other lightsaber wielding creature threw theirs at Chaco,  almost hitting her. She jumped up to see the Sith who had attacked her. “Zero!”, she yelled as she sliced through another Battle Droid. “How dare you come back to me. I already told you, you cannot join the Jedi Order!”, Zero growled with anger as his lightsabers flew through a Clone’s body. 

“You will let me join you, or I will destroy all Jedi.”, Zero threw his lightsaber at her, but Chaco caught it and used the force to crush it. Zero started yelling and jumped at her, using his small understanding of the force to push her into a wall. Chaco got up, made scrap metal out of the remaining droids, and told Zero that if he ever came back, she would personally make sure he never joined the Jedi, the Sith, the Army, or anything. She rode off in her Starfighter as Zero cursed back on the planet.

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