Next Song Fail!

The next song fail I’ll be doing is… Revenge! This song by CaptainSparklez and Tryhardninja will be the next song sung in my series, Song Fails!

84 thoughts on “Next Song Fail!

      1. If I send you the file, you would have to download pencil, and play the song every time yourself. This is just part of the huge frustratingness of screencast o matic.


      2. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet since its kinda hard to do anything with the video.

        Example: Wont let me left click and do any actions to the window.


      3. Ok. So…

        For Later: it’s going to be like forums for Rileys Backpack for the authors.
        Example: Like when we spam up the comments on a post talking. (Like this) we can use that for it.


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