Dum Cheese and The Return Of The Evil Cheese: Part One

Dum Cheese was walking around one day when he ran into a Cheese who looked just like him. Dum asked him the question. “Has there ever been an alien invasion?” The strange Cheese replied “Yes, and there’s about to be another one.”  Dum Cheese freaked out! He ran around screaming. When Banana Man and Lolipop Girl came out of their houses and asked what’s wrong. “Dude, why are you running around screaming!?!?” Banana Man asked Dum out loud. “Because Evil Cheese is back!”

The next night, while Dum was in bed when he heard a rapping at his door. “Who raps at my door?” He walked over and opened it to find no one there… but a young man with slightly large shades rapping  “Evil Cheese wants you dead, so no point getting back to bed.” over and over again. Dum replied musically “If Evil Cheese wants me he’ll to think again. Because I’m traveling to the Food Engine!”

Later that night, he ran into the storm outside. A Cabsi picked him up after a minute or two of waiting. The driver asked him where he was going. When Dum told him, the driver’s face turned pale as he started driving towards the biggest food prison in the world, The Food Engine.

When he was in the prison, he  walked up to a guard and took him out with a superpowered punch (He still has his Super Cheese powers) he ran to Cell #6473 where his old friend The Mulk Carton resided. Dum knocked on the bars to wake him up. “RAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” the Mulk screamed in anger. Dum tried to calm him down. “Mulk, it’s me. I’m here to free you.” They busted out and Dum, in anger, released all the inmates on the first floor. He could hear the sirens as he and Mulk rowed away in their canoe.

The next day, Dum, Banana Man, Lolipop Girl, and The Incredible Mulk Carton met in the park. Dum discussed the issue with all of them. They all agreed to help Dum fight off Evil Cheese when he arrived. When the meeting was over, Dum was confronted by a Cheez-It, one of Evil Cheese’s minions. “Come with me and nobody gets hurt.”, the little Cheese threatened. Dum started running towards his friends as they walked away but two more Cheez-It’s had come. One was a spicy who was breathing fire and melting Dum, and the other was a Big Cheez-It. Finding no way out, Dum screamed the magic word. “MULK!!!!!!!!!!”

Mulk rushed over and ate the Big and Normal. After he chewed and swallowed, he tried the spicy one, he spit it out and complained about the level of hotness. While he was running around screaming, Dum used all his willpower to summon a surge of strength from his old superpowers. His first smashed threw the Cheez-It, leaving a pile of crumbs in it’s wake.

The day after that, Evil Cheese started his full scale invasion. Tons of Foods were captured and made into Jelly, except for the people they captured that were actually made of Jelly. They were turned to Peanut Butter.

The End Of Chapter One

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