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Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style: Season 2: Episode 1

“Hello, I’m Rory and today i’m hosting another season of Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style!”

“This season’s contestants include, James, Rodney, John, Jacob, Catherine, Kaitlin, Robin, Luke, Hans, Isabella, Lester, Joey, Johnny, Michael, C.J, and returning is Kory, who sued his way into the show!”

Kory: Aw, shut up Rory.

C.J: You shut up Kory.


A fight starts and it seems C.J has come out on top.

“So C.J how does it feel to singlehandedly beat up Kory and Joey at once?”

C.J: Good.

“Anyway, this seasons teams are Egyptians Vs. Aliens!”

“Aliens are C.J, Rodney, Kaitlin, Joey, Michael, Hans, Luke, and Isabella!”

“Egyptians are Kory, Catherine, Johnny, Jacob, John, James, Lester, and Robin!”

Rodney: Wait, that means me and Catherine will be apart. We can’t be apart.

Catherine: Oh, Rodney, that’s so sweet!

Rodney: Anything for you honey!

C.J and Kory: PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!!

“Thank you, C.J and Kory.”

“Now for the first challenge! Surviving the Train Ride!”

James: What?

“We aren’t filming here, no, not a chance. We are filming on a train! The train has 15 stops! Each time, one of you will get left at the stop! The last person on the train, other than me and Chef, will get the 14,366,789,493,193,286 dollars!”

C.J: Geez, I hate trains.

“Well, that’s too bad.”

“Well, this was just the intro, so see you all next time on Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style Season 2: Episode 2! That’s a really long title…”


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