So Riley, How Long Did Your Faction Last?

TWO FREAKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we got raided!!!!! About 20 diamonds swords and 5 sets of iron armor was stolen. And a super enchanted diamond set of armor. AND a super enchanted pic, and a super enchanted sword. They had an tricked me into letting one of them in. Then they teleported me away while they took stuff. When I got back they kept killing me over and over.

Lesson Learned: TRUST FREAKING NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


15 thoughts on “So Riley, How Long Did Your Faction Last?

  1. Well, your faction is mine craft? You can play mine craft on it? Sweet! I would like to join, and you can trust me, your loyal follower. 😉


      1. So I can’t play online? Drat, then I don’t think I can join, I can’t play minecraft anymore, but I can help with your cartoon, just contact through my email address, you already have that don’t you? 😎


  2. Ooh, bad day. One time I allied myself with another faction that I thought would help us because it was so strong. Instead it teleported over and destroyed our base. Faction friends are so unreliable.


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