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All Cheeses Report To This Server!

I need all my trusted Cheeses to get on this server!


And join my Faction! I will probably be on most of the day.

When you get on ask for R00R00CHAPMAN!

13 thoughts on “All Cheeses Report To This Server!

  1. What is this faction for? Can I join too? And about the writers thing, i think I might be of help, but first you need to tell me what to do, maybe someone writes and i can give extra ideas? Anyways, My email is yeoyehang223@gmail.com, contact me if you want me to help! 😉


      1. You need me to help on the dumcheese cartoon thing? I maybe can give extra ideas provided there is already a storyline! 😉


      2. Anyways, you already have my email right? When you email me, can you include your email? Thanks! 😎


      3. And also, I will be posting a special post on sunday about a holiday, i could include a mine craft music video in there. 😉 But still, i would like to be involved in the dumcheese cartoon!


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