Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style: Season One Finale Part Two

“Hi there, i’m Rory and today we’ll be seeing who gets the 14,366,739,956,342,163 dollars! That’s almost as much as I have!”

Kory: Ok, let’s go already!!!!!!

The volcano towers over everything else in the forest when looking from the bottom. Or looking anywhere.

Remi: I think you could see it all the way from Antarctica!

“Let’s GO!”

Remi and Kory take different paths up the first ladder. They only realize the rungs are string cheese when both of them fall to the bottom.

Both: Uggggggghhh

Remi takes another one and this time gets to the top before the rungs turn to cheese.

Remi: YES!

Kory: Crud. and a few jellyfish

Remi looks into the tub to see a ton of sharks

“Alright Remi, first question, who tried to make an alliance with Sam in Episode 4?”

Remi: Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, Kory, since he’s always trying to make alliances.

“Ding Ding! Continue across the bridge!”

Now, Kory gets up.

“Kory, who bit you in Episode 11?”

Kory, I dunno, I was kinda woozy and they jumped out of the shadows… Jordan maybe?

“WRONG!!!!!!!! Rolph bit you for ruining his plan! Now you get dunked!”

A huge metallic claw comes out of the water and dunks Kory into the Shark infested waters. He quickly swims out of the water though.

In front of Remi, a pit of tar smells really, really bad.

“Remi, your turn again! Who was voted off very first?”

Remi: I think… no… Ally!

“Ding Ding, Correct!”

A bridge forms and lets Remi across.

“With only one floor left, Remi takes the lead!”

“Kory, your turn! Who did Jordan hate the most?”

Kory: EASY! He was always complaining about Sam and Tom.

“Ding Ding, finally, you move up to the tar level!”

In front of Remi lies a pit full of jagged rocks.

Remi: (Gulp)

“Remi, you get this one right, you win, you miss it, you might not ever see the light of day!”

Remi is shaking at the sight of the jagged rocks when Kory steals a base like in baseball and moves up with Remi.

Remi: WHAT??!!??? That can’t be allowed.

“I’m allowing it.”

“Whoever answers the final question wins. How many times have I said ‘Hi’ in the series.”

Remi: Really?

Kory: Impossible.

The vote decides on you followers! You must find out, then come back to this post and comment using this format.

Kory/Remi (Number)

You followers decide who wins Season One so don’t fail me! Remember to get the number right and use the format above!


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